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Adobe Target Profile Bulk Update

The Adobe Target Profile is a very powerful tool for optimization and personalization efforts. The Adobe Target Profile is mapped to the Adobe Target Visitor ID or your organizational definition of a Visitor ID. This tool by MiaProva allows you to easily upload data that is mapped to either of those Visitor IDs.

MiaProva's Bulk Profile Updater

Are you using Adobe Target's visitor ID or another ID?



  • Do not upload any personally identifiable or sensitive information. This violates your contract with Adobe.

  • The file size can not exceed 50 MB or 700,000 rows.

  • There is no limit to the number of times you can upload additional files.

  • MiaProva is not responsible for any misuse of this tool

Step 1: Download the template based on what Visitor ID you are using.

Step 2: Supply your Adobe Target Client Code. If you don’t know your Client Code, you can get it by visiting the Administration section within Adobe Target. The Client Code is available under the Implementation section from the left navigation menu.

Step 3: Choose your file that has the data you wish to upload to Adobe Target and simply upload it.

Video: This video provides additional context about this service and demonstrates how this tool works.

Support: The links below provide additional background on what MiaProva is doing and how Adobe supports the use of augmenting the Adobe Target Profile.

Adobe Target Developer Guide
Adobe Target API Documentation
How to shift your optimization program to a first-party ID using Adobe Target

If there is any feedback or questions, please email us at support@miaprova.com